S2 : Low Cost Solar Lamp

How might we enable the rural low-income families to have sustainable light source within their limited means?

A live project done at d.light, which is a for profit startup aimed at providing clean low cost power solutions in developing countries. All the solar lighting and mobile solutions were collectively managed by a small team of designers.




My Role : Junior Product Designer - User Research, Conceptualization, Prototyping, User Testing

Team : Ti El Attar, Jack Godfrey Wood    

Guide : Robin Chilton, Sam Goldman


In-depth user research was done in rural India and Africa to understand the users' context as well as their needs and ambitions. Tools like show cards, rough mock up validation and shadowing were used extensively. 


Sketching was done to ideate while quick prototypes were made to test our hypothesis. 


The product design as well as the packaging design was done jointly by the team. The packaging was to have an after purchase affordance as well.



The S2 was recently re-launched and appreciated by Obama in Kenya.

It was the key product in this video by Nelly and Abhishek Bachchan.