Credenza : The Furniture Refrigerator

How might we bring back the brand of Whirlpool into the living space while not be obtrusive to its environment?




My Role : Product Designer - Conceptualization, Product Design, Design Detailing

Team : Chandradhar S Rathore   

Guide : Sumit Singh, Suresh Sethi


The target customer is a modern Indian family who is fond of hosting friends and family. 

Their space might be small but is fashionably done up.


Various ideas were explored for the refrigerator to sit in the dining or the living space. It could either be a hanging fixture above the dining table, a side table in the living room or a wall mounted refrigerator with its cabinet hanging outside the house like an AC.


The chosen concept is a refrigerator in the form of a Credenza styled TV console. 


The Credenza has 3 compartments - one for refrigerated snacks, one for beverages and the last one for frozen items. 


A full scale mock-up with all the internal components was built for showcasing to the marketing teams as well as the design Vice President.


Credenza was displayed at CES Las Vegas 2014 as a part of "Whirlpool goes Retro" showcase. 

Also, it is now design registered.