Ideal You

How might we enable users to have control over how digital services interpret their actions?


Done as part of a school course “Fluid Assemblages”, this critical project aims at making the invisible visible.

Taking Facebook as the first platform for intervention, Ideal You aims to make visible the workings of the profiling algorithms that make decisions for users. Also, by giving control to the people, the dynamics between Facebook, users and advertisers shifts the power more to the user.


Conceptualisation, graphic design, prototyping, testing


Zhi Wang


Christoffel Kuenen, Heather Wiltse

Key features

Ideal you1_a.gif
Ideal you2_b.gif
Ideal you3_b.gif

STAKEHOLDERS and service blueprint

The various human and non human nodes involved in the system that play a part in the dynamic changes that take place once the user intervenes with Ideal You.




Various preliminary lo-fi and hi-fi concepts were used to understand the usability concerns users may have. However, this also helped us learn more about the nuances of the project and the topic itself.



As part of the final deliverable, we were to put up an exhibition that takes people through the idea and also makes them interact with an Ideal You worksheet - an analog version of the dashboard.