Fun While I Learn

This is my play space where I post all the tech experiments I have been doing.


Augmented reality visitor's guide

During my time at IDEO, a few of us started to think about a visitor's map guide for San Francisco. Shown here is a proto of an AR companion app to surface details such as places to eat, have drinks or just sights and visuals that IDEO would want a visitor to see close to the office. 

Made in Unity 3d with Vuforia plugin and exported out of XCode. Coding language C#. 

Augmented Reality tinkering with San Francisco map


Interactive plant ecosystem

LUCY- INTERACTIVE plant ecosystem

While playing around with Makey-Makey and coding for the first few times. I realised that Makey-Makey could convert anything organic into a circuit. Hence plants with a bit of water could form complete loops.

Made with Processing and Makey-Makey kit.


Projection Mapping

For a school project sponsored by Volvo, we explored the future of wellbeing. One of the thoughts here was to have a screen which doesn't feel like a screen. This is a projection mapped central console with a textile interface controlling it. 

Mapping done using Mad Mapper and volumes created in Rhino. 

Projection Mapping on textile surface


Vibration Chair Mockup

Vibration Breathing chair 

To explore the feeling of wellbeing through tactile experiences, we mocked up a vibration chair. The user's breathing calms down as it comes in-sync with the breathing pattern of the vibration modules.

Vibration motors used along with Arduino Uno. Coding language C/C++